Graphera Publishing


Graphera Publishing is a newly established Swedish publisher with a focus on lifestyle, vintage, fashion and health. We are an independent publishing company driven by a passion for strong content paired with a compelling aesthetic and all the dynamics that occur in-between. Our books are mostly coffee table books niched at a discerning and conscious audience.

We are happy to work outside our geographic borders and write fiction books in prose. We are where research meets advertising. Where trends meet history. We present the old in a new way and the new in a classic way. With a starting point in curiosity and an appetite for discovery, every book is a journey. Our goal is to continue to push the envelope and never stagnate.

Our studio is located in central Stockholm and is a gathering place for artists, graphic designers, photographers and filmmakers.

For more information, please contact Publisher Johanna Bjuhr Escalante, tel +46 (0)70 660 92 77,